Welcome to Ogden Station Daylilies located in Ogden Station, Lenawee County, Michigan, centrally positioned between Adrian, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio. When the railroad was built in the 1870's, Ogden Station became a booming community with a ticket office, pharmacy, post office, general store, and bank, all located in our renovated Centennial Farm homestead. Ogden Station grew to include a church and a cooperative grain elevator, which still stands beside our daylily farm.

Our daylily business started in 2007 when we visited Fred Sheill of AuGres, Michigan, who at 100 years young still managed a 10-acre daylily farm, earning him the title of "Daylily King." Fred persuaded us to buy 400 seedlings, and since then we have added nearly 800 registered varieties, which include miniatures, spiders, unusual forms, and doubles.

We've been concentrating on building a collection of rebloomers. During the summer of 2008 we started selling plants at the farmers' market in Adrian, Michigan, as well as selling at activities of two organizations that we attend, the Southern Michigan Daylily Society and the Black Swamp Hosta and Daylily Society found on Facebook. It's been a lot of work, but so much fun. We've met so many interesting gardeners and hybridizers who have shared their expertise with us.

This is a family hobby business for us, along with other hobbies such as genealogy, quilting, crafts, and photography for Lisa and bird watching and enhancing wildlife habitat through conservation practices on the farm for Jerry. We're still learning about daylilies too, and would be glad to share our experiences and knowledge with others. If you'd like to read more about raising daylilies, click on Daylily Information, and if you'd like to know more about Ogden Station and our farm, click on Ogden Station Images.

Jerry & Lisa Marlatt, photo by

Timeless Expressions Photography

This is what we really look like most of the time!
We have often been asked what are our ten favorite daylilies. That's impossible to narrow it down to ten, but here are some of our favorites.

Frans Hals
George Jetson
He walks with me
It’s my party
Karen Sue
Mountaintop experience
Penguin prom
Spacecoast flamingo eye
Switched at birth
Texas feathered fancy-cristate

Flying early-very early
Larry’s candy stripe swizzle
Night embers-double
Parting the Red Sea-sculptured
Puerto Rican fence climber
Solid mahogany-double
Spacecoast cranberry kid-ruffled
Spacecoast dark obsession
Thanks to friends-double
Tuxedo whiskers
Fluttering beauty
Ice cream dream-double
Midge and Connie
Washed in the blood-red ruffle
Vanilla fluff-double
Wild horses
Wonder of it all

Bold one
Casa des Juan
El desperado
Incredible Ada
Storm shelter
Strawberry candy
Washed in the blood
Westbourne Easter egg hunt
Wild horses

Dazzling gold
Dean Corey
Gold pinwheel
Golden prize
Mary's gold
Towering Robin Hood-tall
Green arrow
Green inferno
Nuclear blast
Rose F. Kennedy

Bass Gibson-toothy
Bold tiger-red eye
Gavin Petit
Grandfather time
Motor city’s burinng
Panic in Detroit
Rags to riches
Spacecoast citris kick
Spacecoast firestarter

Almira Buffalo Bones Jackson
Blue alert
Get jiggy
Indian weaving
Infinity and beyond

Imperial garden
Jean Swann-double
Michigan peach
Nature's poetry
No need for dentures
South seas
Sweet Analee-double
Sweet Clementine-early

Banned in Boston
Cherry cheeks-dark
Christmas in Oz-spider
Dublin Elaine-double
It’s my party-bicolor
Lawless woman-double
Lemondrop lollipop
Lilting belle-spider
Michigan racing stripes-striped
Pastel classic
Pink stripes
Pink volcano-double
Radiantly rich-double fuschia
Seminole wind
Spacecoast fancy flight
Tears forever
Webster’s pink wonder
White eyes pink dragon
Wind frills-spider
Woodside romance

Apple peaches pumpkin pie
God’s Mercy-applique
Kickin chicken
Piggy tails
Spoken for

Awesome Abram-toothy
Bela Lugosi
Bursting forth-double
Cousin Jean-short
Don't go bacon my heart-toothy
Exotic starfish
Getting airborne-tall
Greetings earthling-lavender cristate
Hakuna matata-mid lavender
Heavenly ooh la la
Indian giver
Judy’s rays of sunshine
Linda Sierra-lavender
Michael's sword-cristate
Mort Morss
Night rapture
Penguin prom
Robert Oliver
Royal water
Starman’s quest
Strutter’s ball
T bone walker
The dream society-late
Yankee pinstripes-striped

Amanda’s little red shoes-double
Apache war dance
Art gallery quilling
Aztec king-double
Baltimore oriole
Breathless beauty
Candy apple tower
Caught red handed
Cherokee Mary-double
Chief four fingers-polytepal
Desert flame
Discover heavenly gardens
Explosion in the paint factory
Feliz Navidad
Fried green tomatoes
Heavenly lasting impression
Heavenly united we stand
Highland lord-double
Johnny bear-toothy
Merry Manasa
Moses fire-double
Orange you red in the face
Pardon me-miniature
Royal exchequer
Save the best for last-very late
Topguns stop 'n go
Well hello bright eyes
Wispy rays

Bas Relief
Killarney castle
Parting the Red Sea

Caribbean David Elkins
Early snow
Gentle shepherd
Heavenly angel ice
Ice carnival
Joan Senior
Jolly Joana
Sunday gloves
Titan of ice
White temptation

By the golden rule-early
Cadee my sunshine-ruffle
Cheek to cheek-double
J.T. Davis
King Kahuna-double
Lemonade for Katelyn
Lemons for Vicki-pale, tall
Peggy Jeffcoat-pale double
Quaking aspen
Reap the whirlwind-toothy
Sears tower-tall
Sedona square
Shady lady
Simplicity in motion
Spider miracle
Thelma Douglas
Time marches on-pastel


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