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Quad Eye $8
Dickerson 1991 Rebloom
Dormant 6" bloom, 
24" height Mid Season
While you're waiting, DID YOU KNOW? A reverse bicolor has sepals darker in color than the petals.

Quaking Aspen $4
Griesbach-Klehm 1979
Fragrant Dormant
6" bloom, 34" height
Mid Late Tetraploid
DID YOU KNOW? An eye of color appears on both the petals and sepals.


Queen City Dreamin' $8
Isgro-Polston 2013
5.5" bloom, 28" height
Mid Late Season Tetraploid

Queen's Coronation $8
Petit 2003 Rebloom
Fragrant SemiEvergreen
6" bloom, 24" height
Mid Tetraploid

Quiet  Whisper $3
Wild 1985 Rebloom
4.5" bloom, 23" height
Early Mid Season Diploid

Quit fussing $6
Salk 2002
4.5" bloom, 24" height
Early Mid Season  Diploid

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