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Hail King Arthur $8 
James 1999 SemiEvergreen
4.75" bloom, 32" height
Mid Season Diploid
While you're waiting, DID YOU KNOW?  The scape is the leafless stalk that grows above the foliage and where the flower buds appear.

Hakuna Matata $18
Schaben 2007 Dormant
5" bloom, 50" height
Mid Late Season Diploid

DID YOU KNOW?  Proliferations are small plants that develop on the scape that can be removed and planted.

Handwriting on the Wall $12
Emmerich 2007 Fragrant Rebloom SemiEvergreen
6" bloom, 24" height
Mid Season Tetraploid

Happy Rebel $6
Gates 1988 Rebloom Fragrant SemiEvergreen
6" bloom, 22" height
Early Mid Season Tetraploid

Happy Returns $5
Apps 1986 Dormant
Miniature Rebloom Fragrant
2.5" bloom, 18" height
Extra Early Season Diploid

Harbor Gate $5
Carpenter 1985 Fragrant
Dormant Extended Bloom
6" bloom, 26" height
Early Season Diploid

Harborwalk $5
Douglas 2001 Rebloom
6" bloom, 23" height
Mid Season Tetraploid

Harper's Bazaar $20
Moldovan 2009 
Rebloom Dormant
6.5" bloom, 36" height
Mid Season Tetraploid

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